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Four Data Engineering Projects That Look Great on your CV | by 💡Mike Shakhomirov | Mar, 2024 - image  on
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In this story, I would like to speak about data engineering career paths and data projects that look great on any CV. If you are an aspiring data practitioner not only willing to learn new tools and techniques but also aiming to build your own data projects portfolio — this article is for you. During my more than 15 years career in data and analytics, I witnessed good and bad CVs showcasing data engineering skills. Data engineering projects you were involved in or responsible for are the ultimate compass that tells a recruiter about your experience, how good you are and why they should hire you. This story is about how to present your data engineering experience in CVs and deliver that sense of professionalism and confidence that buy-in.

Starting a new data engineering project is always challenging as data engineering is probably the most difficult job role in the data space. You need to be a software engineer — to know how to build data pipelines, then you need to be a data analyst — to communicate efficiently with analytics teams using SQL, and in the end, you need to be an experienced data platform architect to manage all required infrastructure resources. It’s definitely worth the risk to start learning it! Data engineering is the fastest growing occupation according to DICE research conducted in 2023 and I previously wrote about it in one of my previous articles [1].

Four Data Engineering Projects That Look Great on your CV | by 💡Mike Shakhomirov | Mar, 2024 - image  on
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If you are learning data engineering this article might be useful for you because choosing the right set of projects helps to develop required skills faster. In this article above I wrote about the skills that look great on your CV. I think now is the time to speak about the data engineering project portfolio. It is so easy to get stuck choosing the right tools or…

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