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Nowruz Wisdom: Learning from the Haft-Seen for a Tech-Forward Future | by Davar Ardalan - image 1*TmZdlak7DM_hrwAFWf2jvA on https://aiquantumintelligence.com
This image of a depiction of Nowruz in the year 5000 was created with the assistance of DALL·E 2. The scene captures the essence of renewal and harmony between technology and the natural world.

Happy Nowruz. As we usher in the spring season, let’s embrace the wisdom of the traditional Haft-Seen table.

Celebrated by around 300 million people globally, including many across the United States, Nowruz marks the first day of Spring and the New Year. The Haft-Seen, with its seven symbolic items each beginning with the letter ‘S’ in Persian, offers lessons for our journey through the new digital age:

  1. Sabzeh (Sprouts) Just as sprouts signify new beginnings, AI represents a new era of growth and innovation. We’re reminded to embrace change and the fresh perspectives it brings.
  2. Sumac (Spice of Life) — Sumac, with its vibrant color and flavor, symbolizes the diversity and richness of life. It’s a call to ensure that AI adds value and diversity to our existence, not just efficiency.
  3. Samanu (Sweet Pudding) — The intricate process of making Samanu reflects the complexity behind AI technologies. It teaches us that patience and careful cultivation can lead to rewarding outcomes.
  4. Senjed (Dried Oleaster Fruit) — Senjed symbolizes love, reminding us to maintain humanity and empathy in a world increasingly run by algorithms. Ensuring AI enhances human connections is crucial.
  5. Seer (Garlic) — Garlic, known for its medicinal properties, can be likened to the role of AI in healthcare—offering the potential for healing and fostering well-being.
  6. Seeb (Apple) — The apple represents beauty, reminding us that in our pursuit of technological advancement, we should also appreciate and cultivate the aesthetic and creative aspects of life.
  7. Serkeh (Vinegar) — Vinegar symbolizes age and patience. It teaches us that while technology moves fast, patience and persistence are vital in ensuring sustainable and thoughtful progress.
Nowruz Wisdom: Learning from the Haft-Seen for a Tech-Forward Future | by Davar Ardalan - image 1*TmZdlak7DM_hrwAFWf2jvA on https://aiquantumintelligence.com
Smiling siblings amongst our dreaming trees, sharing stories, savoring sweets, and spreading sunshine.

In addition to the seven “S” items of the Haft-Seen, the Nowruz table often includes a mirror, a book of poetry, candles, a goldfish in a bowl, hyacinth, sweets, and coins, each gaining new significance as I get older. The mirror encourages introspection in a digital world, reflecting our values against the backdrop of technology.

Poetry preserves the essence of emotion and art. Candles symbolize the human spirit’s resilience against technological domination. The goldfish, in its fluid grace, reminds us of life’s vitality within structured environments. Hyacinths represent the integration of nature with technology, emphasizing growth and renewal.

Sweets remind us to savor life’s joys and connections beyond digital interactions. Lastly, coins point to new economic dynamics that await us.

As my family and I celebrate the Nowruz season, these reflections from the Haft-Seen table inspire me to meet the future with a blend of tradition and innovation. Wishing everyone a Nowruz filled with growth, health, and joyful discovery.

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