Why I stopped freaking out that AI will replace me and what I do instead

Khouloud El Alami

Towards Data Science

We all know it. AI is coming for us.

It’s no longer a matter of “if” but “when”. When will AI come after our jobs and nudge us off the picture?

No one seems to be safe. AI threatens to replace almost all jobs from all industries. Whether it be through robotics, task delegation or automations, we all saw AI performing surgeries, creating motion pictures and more.

And it’s only the beginning. Can’t even imagine what it’ll be capable of in a few years, better be prepared, right?

But how? How do you plan for the unknown? How do you navigate a career when there is a risk of getting fully replaced?

This question has been sitting rent-free in my mind lately, and I’ve reflected a lot on it.

5 Powerful Strategies To Make Sure AI Doesn’t Steal Your Job — A Spotify Data Scientist’s Survival Guide | by Khouloud El Alami | Apr, 2024 - image  on https://aiquantumintelligence.com
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The solution is figuring out how much of your role AI will claim and which parts will still value human input

What came out of this reflection was surprisingly positive because I no longer feel scared. I’ve tamed those fears and I’m here to help you achieve the same.

At the end, I’ve managed to devise a survival strategy to make sure both I and AI keep our places in the same picture. Let’s do the same for you!

To figure out what moves you need to make to ensure you remain as relevant as possible in the job market, you need to:

  1. Accept AI rather than live in fear. I’ll show with you how I did it.
  2. Analyse the essence of your job. I’ll help you reflect on its core tasks.
  3. Identify what AI can’t replace. Your survival depends on defining these elements accurately.

I know lots of you are curious about what it’s like to work in one of the most adored companies out there. So I’m taking you backstage!

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