NetSuite is one of the popular ERPs, which divisions across businesses and industries can use to operate smoothly and efficiently. 

NetSuite’s key strengths lie in its integration capabilities and modules that extend its functionality. NetSuite connects with third-party applications and has broad functionality to cover most general use cases. The integrations are helpful to bring your other business tools into the mix with NetSuite, work over.

In this blog, we will see how NetSuite’s functionality can be extended internally, bringing external software into play with integrations. We will talk about some of the must-have integrations on NetSuite to simplify your businesses. Together, they make NetSuite a comprehensive solution.

Must-Have NetSuite Integrations (SuiteApps)

  • Nanonets
  • Sesame HR
  • SMS by Sinch
  • Box
  • DocuSign

NetSuite has developed a cloud-based business management platform used by more than 37,000 fast-growing organizations worldwide. The platform consists of applications that help companies run their businesses, understand their performance, and drive significant efficiency gains and cost savings.

NetSuite’s cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system gives companies all the applications they need to run their businesses efficiently while nurturing growth. Organizations of all sizes and across dozens of industries run on NetSuite, harnessing the vast capabilities of its applications for finance, supply chain, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, professional services, e-commerce, and more.

One can extend the functionality and features of NetSuite with Modules. This powers various ERP departments’ specific functions and unique needs, such as Finance, CRM, etc. 

NetSuite modules provide added features to the NetSuite ERP platform, allowing businesses to quickly tailor the solution to meet their unique needs. As a unified suite of applications, new features are seamlessly added and built on existing capabilities. NetSuite is designed to add functionality as your business needs evolve quickly.

As your business evolves, so should the capabilities of the software that you use to run it. Modules provide many features, ensuring NetSuite always meets your business needs. NetSuite modules are classified under the following buckets, each with many sub-modules facilitating specific functionality and serving a business need.

  • NetSuite Financial Management Modules
  • NetSuite CRM Modules
  • NetSuite Business Intelligence Module
  • NetSuite Inventory and Order Management Modules
  • NetSuite Commerce Modules
  • NetSuite Human Resources Modules
  • Field Service Management Modules
  • NetSuite Professional Services Automation Modules
  • NetSuite Supply Chain Modules

Integrating with external software and improving functionality over the modules is where NetSuite Integrations come into play.

In short,  modules are internal expansions of NetSuite’s core functionalities, while integrations connect NetSuite with the broader business environment.

NetSuite integrations come in a few flavors, each suited to different needs:

  • NetSuite Connectors: NetSuite Connector (formerly FarApp) provides point integration solutions for leading e-commerce, logistics, and point-of-sale providers. It enables businesses to automate data transfer between systems. Prominent connectors include Shopify, Magneto, Amazon, eBay, and WooCommerce.
  • Custom Integrations: Custom integrations are built from scratch for unique needs or niche software. They offer maximum flexibility but require developer expertise.
  • SuiteApps: NetSuite’s built-in API lets developers programmatically connect the platform with various third-party systems. SuiteTalk enables developers to build custom integrations so data flows smoothly from NetSuite to outside software applications. It does this through a few different integration tools.

Integrations lead to a lot of benefits for your NetSuite usage. 

  • Workflows and Automation—Connecting your business apps to NetSuite will ensure they can work in tandem without any data blockers, leading to maximum productivity and value from all your business apps.
  • Data Consistency and Accuracy—You can set up workflows between apps to ensure data is regularly updated and reflected in NetSuite and other apps. This will ensure that accurate data is consistently used across various software.
  • Reduced Manual Effort – The direct consequence of the above is the reduction of costs in manual efforts to sync data and the depreciation of monetary risk due to inaccurate data. 

The flow of data across systems and how NetSuite is at the center of it with integrations can be witnessed in the workflow diagram here.

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  • Multiple apps like E-Mail and DropBox are integrated to pull in financial documents like invoices.
  • The data after processing can be updated in NetSuite for consistency and accuracy.

This reduces manual effort, automates processes, and ensures data accuracy across systems.

Generally, SuiteApps can be searched and installed from Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.

Some SuiteApps are also available from the SuiteApp Marketplace, a location in NetSuite for SuiteApps created using the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) and SuiteApp bundles created using SuiteBundler. 

You can see a SuiteApps section on the home page where you can explore and install apps.

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AP Automation

Nanonets AP automation platform is your go-to solution for optimizing all accounts payable tasks. It uses advanced AI and machine learning to train its models continuously and allows you to benefit from automating nitty-gritty tasks like invoice data extraction and validation. With newfound productivity and time-savings provided by Nanonets, the possibilities are limitless.

Sesame HR 

Streamline HR Processes

Sesame HR is a multi-device platform that allows you to digitalize and streamline HR processes and make management faster and more efficient. It helps with Time management in flexible time companies and People analytics for better employee retention. 

SMS for NetSuite by Sinch MessageMedia

Notifications and Conversations on SMS

Extend the power of NetSuite by adding Sinch MessageMedia’s text-based notifications and two-way SMS conversations to the NetSuite platform. Use automated workflows, pre-built templates, batch processes, or saved searches to connect with your customers via text. Quickly confirm orders, coordinate appointments, schedule deliveries, and provide engaging customer support via SMS.

Box for NetSuite

Document storage and collaboration

Box for NetSuite empowers teams to work smarter by increasing collaboration and visibility across the organization. With the app, users can easily view and collaborate on content stored in Box directly within NetSuite. Box folders can be associated with specific NetSuite records to keep documents organized and ensure that the right teams have access to the right content at all times.

DocuSign for NetSuite

eSignatures for agreements

Connect your NetSuite system with eSignature to make agreement processes even more intuitive. Send agreements out for signature with a single click, and get the proper documents to the right contacts with the correct details merged from within your NetSuite ERP and CRM systems. The integration is pre-built to work right out of the Box without coding. 

There are currently almost 700+ NetSuite apps, with each category having tens of hundreds of options. You can also explore and filter by business need and geography on their website here.

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This could mean dilemma and friction in selecting the correct integration for your business. Here are some things to consider while choosing the best integration for your business:

  • Existing Business Software – Do you use another ERP or a specific CRM tool that itself limits the number of integrations you would like to use
  • Budget—Every app has a price and corresponding features. It’s essential to align with the respective budget teams and the must-have features to help you filter out apps.
  • Security & Privacy—Select apps with required data and privacy policies to ensure your data isn’t misused. A great example is Nanonets, compliant with GDPR, SOC 2, and HIPAA.
  • User-Friendliness – You and your team must easily understand and use the tool, seamlessly integrate as promised, and support you throughout the process.

These are only some pointers to help you evaluate the right apps. 

From NetSuite Modules to pre-built connectors to third-party integrations, NetSuite combines all these pieces and works harmoniously to simplify your business.

By strategically choosing the right integrations, you can optimize workflows, improve collaboration, and empower your business for growth. If you are looking for NetSuite integration to power your Accounts Payable automation, using AI to simplify your Invoice processing and other workflows, talk to our experts at Nanonets to get started.

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