This sophistication matrix can show you where you need to go

Kate Minogue

Towards Data Science

Every company today seems to be consumed with building an AI strategy. From sole traders to massive organisations, the question top of mind for the past 6 months has been — how can I use AI in my business? Often even before “Should I?”

Luckily, with an explosion of new tools built using AI it is much easier for an individual or company to incorporate AI into their day-to-day than ever before and it makes good sense for all of us to constantly consider whether we are doing our work in the most efficient way using the available technologies. But when it becomes a significant investment or derailing priority then a deeper reflection is needed.

I’m a strong believer in using technology, AI and Data to further your existing business strategy and priorities. To enable your competitive advantage rather than to be priorities in and of themselves.

When I think about AI and its potential for success I look at it in three parts — yes of course the machine learning and models that seem to get all of the buzz and attention, but equally (if not more important) the people building or using it and finally, the data and infrastructure it is built upon.

So if you’re a business leader considering what your AI strategy should be for 2024 then I’d encourage you to first consider, what is your current Data Strategy?

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