Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing and lead generation. Companies implementing data-driven marketing enjoy a sixfold higher likelihood of year-over-year profitability, providing a distinct advantage over the competition.  Marketing teams can potentially generate high-quality leads from many sources for their marketing and customer reach activities.  These include social media sites, as well as personal communications, websites and other such online platforms that foster customer engagement. With the enormous volume of data available from these various sources, cold-calling potential customers and manually extracting leads from the various sources is no longer practical. 


PhantomBuster is a cloud-based software for automated data extraction from various online platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


What is PhantomBuster?

 PhantomBuster is a software that offers over 100 tools to extract data from any web source.  It can generate high-quality leads from Emails, Google Maps, Facebook groups, Slack channels, The Yellow Pages, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn events, Sales Navigator searches, and LinkedIn searches. The extracted data is stored in the cloud, supporting formats such as CSV and JSON.


PhantomBuster allows the automation of various tasks such as auto-connecting with a list of LinkedIn profiles, gathering emails from a Sales Navigator search, sending personalized messages on Twitter, collecting contact data from a Google Maps search, and extracting details of followers of an Instagram account. Check some of PhantomBuster workflows at Nanonets


Features of PhantomBuster

Some of the features of PhantomBuster that help in the automation of data extraction and lead generation are:


  1. Phantoms and Flows: PhantomBuster offers two main types of automation tools. “Phantoms” are standalone automations, while “Flows” are sequences of actions working in tandem. These tools cover a wide range of activities, from social media interactions to data extraction.
  2. Platform Compatibility: PhantomBuster supports lead generation from major networks and websites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, and more. This broad compatibility allows users to target diverse audiences across various platforms.
  3. Lead Generation Tools:
    • Auto Connection on LinkedIn: Users can employ Phantoms to automatically connect with a list of LinkedIn profiles, facilitating networking and outreach efforts.
    • Email Gathering from Sales Navigator Searches: PhantomBuster enables the extraction of emails from Sales Navigator searches on LinkedIn, providing a valuable source for building contact lists.
    • Personalized Messaging on Twitter: The platform allows users to send personalized messages on Twitter, fostering engagement and interaction with potential leads.
    • Contact Data Extraction from Google Maps: With PhantomBuster, users can gather contact information from businesses listed in Google Maps searches, facilitating local lead generation.
  4. Dashboard-based operation: PhantomBuster has an intuitive dashboard, making it easy for even rookie users to set up automation in minutes. Users can simply select a Phantom or Flow from the platform’s extensive library, add necessary inputs (such as session cookies or API keys), specify the desired actions and their frequency (e.g., run a search URL or work through a Google Sheet database), and then launch the automation.
  5. Automated Data Output: Once the automation is launched, PhantomBuster takes care of the process. Upon completion, it creates a data output file containing all the relevant information, which is then ready to be uploaded directly to CRM systems.
  6. Versatility and Customization: PhantomBuster offers a rich selection of over 100 automation tools, catering to various lead generation needs. This versatility allows users to tailor their approach based on specific goals and criteria.


PhantomBuster and Sales Workflow Management

PhantomBuster integrates into workflow management, particularly in the critical process of moving leads through the sales pipeline. It addresses the challenges of lead tracking, contact information generation, and sales cycle stage updates. PhantomBuster has introduced advanced AI capabilities such as the AI LinkedIn Profile Enricher Phantom that provides valuable insights into LinkedIn leads, allowing for more informed interactions.


PhantomBuster’s automated lead generation goes a step further by verifying email addresses , company details, phone numbers and more. Tracking website and content engagement enables the sales team to identify prospects ready for outreach, enhancing the overall quality of interactions and contributing to an improved customer experience. 


Thus, PhantomButer can automate the placement of leads into different sales stages based on completed actions. Moreover, it intelligently filters out unresponsive leads, allowing teams to focus on prospects with a higher likelihood of conversion.


PhantomBuster’s AI LinkedIn Message Writer Phantom automates the creation of personalized messages, streamlining your communication process. Setting up business process automation with PhantomBuster involves utilizing trigger points in email campaigns or on the website to create workflows. This ensures that leads are introduced to sales representatives at precisely the right juncture in the buying process, enhancing the chances of successful engagement.


By implementing an automatic outreach plan, teams using PhantomBuster can connect with leads promptly, initiating sales conversations when prospects are actively seeking solutions. The workflow automation maintains the CRM and data in real-time and eliminates duplication, providing marketing and sales teams with accurate insights into lead readiness for conversion.




The Benefits of PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster has the following advantages that make it a useful  tool for lead generation:


  1. Smart Lead Generation: PhantomBuster’s Flows efficiently handle lead generation strategies, freeing up your time for more critical responsibilities.
  2. No corner left untapped: With over 100 tools, PhantomBuster can generate leads from platforms like Emails, LinkedIn, Instagram, Sales Navigator, and even Google Maps into vast sources of leads..
  3. CRM with Clean Data: CRM tools are the backbone of sales teams, but they require fresh and relevant data. PhantomBuster’s Flows seamlessly integrate with CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive, automatically extracting and updating contact data for potential leads.
  4. Receive Real-time Email Notifications: The progress of lead generation and data extraction can be monitored through instant updates, allowing optimization of  the automation sequences.
  5. Categorization and Organization: PhantomBuster’s intuitive dashboard enables the organization and categorisation of data and data sources.
  6. Enable personalization: PhantomBuster’s Flows facilitate authentic conversations. The LinkedIn New Connection Welcome Message Flow, for example, automatically sends personalized messages, thereby providing personalization.
  7. Social Engagement: PhantomBuster allows engagement with the audience on platforms like Instagram. The Instagram Hashtag Search to Post Engagement Flow automates liking and commenting on posts, enhancing your social media presence without the time-consuming manual effort.


Sales teams can leverage AI Phantoms with various use case ideas. These include crafting resonant sales pitch messages, establishing lead scores based on customized criteria, and predicting career goals by analyzing roles, bios, and educational histories. Additionally,  theAI Phantoms can significantly benefit marketing campaigns across diverse sectors such as e-commerce, SaaS, B2B, and B2C. In marketing, these tools assist in determining the most effective tone for customer relationships, identifying audience interests from their profiles, and recognizing preferred communication channels through keyword analysis like “DM,” “call,” or “email” in their profiles.


Drawbacks of PhantomBuster 

While PhantomBuster offers powerful automation capabilities, users have reported a few drawbacks. The customer support response times have been reported to be are slow. A few users have reported that the integration process is complex, demanding advanced technical knowledge. ]The free version imposes limitations on features and usage. Phantom Buster cannot bypass LinkedIn’s connection limits, requiring adherence to LinkedIn guidelines. Users have also reported limitations in running multiple tasks simultaneously, with a restricted number of available slots. Safety concerns arise due to the necessity of accessing cookies, potentially risking account suspension when using the Chrome extension.


PhantomBuster-Nanonets Integration


To enhance their lead generation workflow, businesses can integrate PhantomBuster with Nanonets. With Nanonets providing seamless integrations and automated workflows, PhantomBuster becomes more efficient and effective in various business scenarios. 


When Nanonets is connected to PhantomBuster, when a Phantombuster activity is detected the Nanonets AI analyzes Phantombuster data, determines importance, categorizes alerts, and prioritizes notification delivery.


Here are a few popular workflow integrations that Nanonets enables:


Phantombuster + Pipedrive: Nanonets Integrations

Phantombuster + Webhook: Nanonets Integrations

Phantombuster + Salesforce: Nanonets Integrations

Phantombuster + Sendgrid: Nanonets Integrations

Phantombuster + Slack: Nanonets Integrations

Convertio + Phantombuster: Nanonets Integrations

Notion + Phantombuster: Nanonets Integrations

Livechat + Phantombuster: Nanonets Integrations

Outreach + Phantombuster: Nanonets Integrations

Livechat + Phantombuster: Nanonets Integrations

Monday + Phantombuster: Nanonets Integrations

Hubspot + Phantombuster: Nanonets Integrations


Pricing of PhantomBuster

The following plans are available for PhantomBuster



  • Instant 14-day access, no credit card required.
  • 2 hours of execution time.
  • 1,000 AI credits.
  • 5 slots for Phantoms.
  • Limited export.
  • Bonus: 50 email credits.


  • $69 per month, paid annually (discounted to $56).
  • 20 hours/month execution time.
  • 10,000 AI credits.
  • 5 slots for Phantoms.
  • Unlimited export.
  • Community access.
  • Priority support.
  • Bonus: 500 email credits/month.

Pro (Most Popular):

  • $159 per month, paid annually (discounted to $128).
  • 80 hours/month execution time.
  • 30,000 AI credits.
  • 15 slots for Phantoms.
  • Unlimited export.
  • Community access.
  • Priority support.
  • Account consultant.
  • Bonus: 2,500 email credits/month.


  • $439 per month, paid annually (discounted to $352).
  • 300 hours/month execution time.
  • 90,000 AI credits.
  • 50 slots for Phantoms.
  • Unlimited export.
  • Community access.
  • Priority support.
  • Account consultant.

·       Bonus: 10,000 email credits/month




PhantomBuster is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses seeking automated lead generation and management. It helps with streamlining workflows and lead generation, particularly in data enrichment and LinkedIn outreach. Combined with Nanonets, PhantomBuster can be a valuable asset for businesses aiming to maximize its marketing and sales efforts.


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