As one of the premiere ERP solutions for growing businesses, Sage Intacct has become the go-to for leaders looking to scale. With AI-driven accounting capabilities, HR modules, payroll features, and a wide range of integrations, Sage Intacct supports businesses’ needs today while helping them prepare for the future.

On its own, Sage Intacct is a powerful tool, but with the long list of integrations on the Sage Intacct Marketplace, it transforms into something even more magnificent. Sage Intacct integrations level up cutting-edge platforms by enhancing reporting capabilities, offering customization opportunities, and merging the Sage software with your existing business ecosystem.

Benefits of Integrations

When looking through the Sage Intacct Marketplace, you’ll notice various tools ready for a Sage integration. These tools range from accounts payable platforms to inventory management solutions and everything in between. By capitalizing on the benefits available with Sage Intacct integrations, businesses can enjoy several benefits, such as:

·  Increased efficiency and productivity through process optimization and automation.

·  Improved data accuracy and reduced errors.

·  Enhanced tool functionality opens up when pairing Sage Intacct with other business applications.

·  Noticeably more streamlined workflows between business functions and departments.

Financial Management Integrations

Accounts Payable Tools


Nanonets complements Sage Intacct by providing AI-powered data extraction and document processing capabilities, reducing manual effort in tasks like invoice processing and expense management, leading to improved accuracy and faster decision-making.

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Nanonets with Sage Intacct to power your account payables with AI and integrate with the rest of your stack


If improving productivity within the AP function is a top priority, AvidXchange can bring that vision to fruition through error-free invoice capture, reduced data entry errors, and easy-to-use electronic payment features. is listed on the Sage Intacct Marketplace for good reason. With the ability to manage all outstanding bills and extract vendor payment information from invoices, this Sage integration transforms expense management.


With features like invoice capture, in-tool approval workflows, and automated payment processing, MineralTree brings financial processes into the digital age while boosting operational efficiency. 

Accounts Receivable Tools


Regarding Sage Intacct integrations, HighRadius adds a lot to the mix. This accounts receivable automation platform uses AI and machine learning to accurately forecast cash flow, help resolve payment disputes, and improve AR turnover metrics.


Automated invoice delivery, payment processing, and account reconciliation capabilities take a lot of stress off of AR professionals. Versapay’s integration with Sage Intacct improves cash collection timeframes and provides a two-way connection between the two platforms.


Business leaders who want to elevate AR reporting to new heights should look for Amisio in the Sage Intacct Marketplace. This AR automation tool offers more robust AR reports in real-time and enables seamless data synchronization between the two systems.

Payment Processing Tools 


This “Sage Recommended” integration will eliminate the pain points associated with late payments. By automatically collecting payments from your customers’ banks, GoCardless saves everyone time and money. There will be no late fees for them and no hassle for you.


Formerly known as Paya, Nuvei expedites the quote-to-cash process, provides reduced interchange rates, and can process all payment types, including ACH, EDI, and more.

Payroll Tools

Sage Intacct Payroll Powered by ADP

Because it’s a payroll and HR solution, Sage Intacct Payroll makes it easy to hire people, promote internally, and monitor compensation packages in real time. Your employees are the most important part of your company, and this solution helps ensure they’re getting the positive experience they deserve while making payroll accounting a breeze.

Paychex Flex 

Once your payroll is released to your employees, Paychex Flex posts the payroll entries for that period directly to the general ledger in the Sage software. End error-prone manual data entry processes and ensure the accuracy of your GL data with the Paychex Flex Sage integration.

Business Management Integrations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools


One of the most robust CRM tools in existence, Salesforce provides customer relationship management support to companies large and small. With a pre-built Intacct-Salesforce connector, you’ll experience the lift of easy integrations at an affordable price point.  

Hubspot Deals

With Sage Intacct integrations, when a deal is created in HubSpot, a sales invoice is created in Sage Intacct with no extra effort from your team. Smart processing features convert “companies” in one system to “customers” in another or “deals” to “contracts,” ensuring that all your systems are speaking the same language—literally!

E-Commerce Tools


With B2C and B2B features, commercebuild is the perfect e-commerce solution for any business. Equipped with modular add-ons for different user bases, this platform is easy to customize, easy to use, and even easier to integrate with Sage. Find it in the Sage Intacct Marketplace.


Another pre-built integration that e-commerce businesses can’t miss is the Shopify Sage Intacct integration. When a customer places an order, Shopify works with Sage Intacct in the background to update key details, including order data, payment information, and inventory metrics, in the Sage software.

Inventory Management Tools


This restaurant management platform makes it easy for eateries to control inventory and tap into key sales analytics, all while getting rid of piles of receipts and invoices. With a few clicks through the Sage Intacct Marketplace, Craftable can be your secret weapon to managing invoices, keeping inventory fresh, and conducting menu costing analysis.


The procurement process isn’t always easy, but by using Bellwether as your go-to purchasing software, you’ll be able to manage all your contracts in one place, adjust inventory needs as business needs change, and enable automated invoice processing with 2-way and 3-way matching capabilities.

Professional Services Automation (PSA) Tools

Sage Intacct Professional Services Automation Powered by Forecast

Powered by Forecast’s AI-equipped platform, Sage Intacct PSA is designed to automate project management, time tracking, and resource allocation in any business setting. Some of the hardest forecasting in business is resource planning, but with Sage Intacct PSA, the insights business leaders need to make decisions will always be at their fingertips.

Other Integrations

Time and Expense Management Tools


By offering corporate cards, next-day reimbursement features, and travel booking in one application, Expensify makes spending easy and manages that spending even easier. Business expenses can be recorded in the mobile app. Then, through a direct integration with Business ExpensesCombine Microsoft Power BI and Sage Intacct to unlock the ability to make decisions with dynamic data visualizations Sage software, those expenses can be tracked in corresponding accounts in Sage Intacct.


If a company’s spending occurs globally, Emburse is the tool it needs. With multi-currency support, pre-approval modules, and rapid system reconciliation, Emburse enhances Sage Intacct’s effectiveness in expense management.

Tax Management Tools

Avalara AvaTax

Integrating Avalara Tax with Sage Intacct automates sales tax compliance by providing real-time calculation, filing, and reporting capabilities. This ensures businesses remain compliant with tax regulations and reduces the risk of errors or audits.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools

Microsoft Power BI

Combine Microsoft Power BI and Sage Intacct to unlock the ability to make decisions with dynamic data visualizations. This synergy fosters seamless data connectivity, empowering users to craft interactive dashboards and reports that uncover trends, spot opportunities, and optimize financial performance.

How to Find the Right Integration

The integrations businesses need the most will vary; leaders need to consider immediate business needs, long-term goals, budget constraints, system limits, and their employees’ tech capabilities. Only you know what your business needs, so it’s essential to consider what the integration process looks like, how your current business systems will connect with Sage Intacct, and what your organization is ready for regarding digital transformation.

By taking the time to comb through the Sage Intacct Marketplace to identify the Sage integrations that are most valuable to an organization now, its leadership teams can improve the trajectory of their business. Investing in digital transformation is a no-brainer, but it’s essential to understand the path forward, find the right SaaS products, and ensure a seamless integration with your current processes.

If you’re ready to take your business up a notch, talk to one of our experts about Nanonets AI-enabled accounting, the right digital tools to invest in, and more. Our team at Nanonets works with organizations that are working toward digital transformation daily.

Nanonets is a trusted Sage Intacct Marketplace partner. 

Whether you’re looking to automate your accounting processes, uplevel a particular aspect of your finance department, or move toward a digital solution for your entire business, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for more information about Sage Intacct integrations and beyond!

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