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If you are not using creative abilities in tasks, eliminate — delegate and automate such tasks

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As the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve, it’s being used to automate many tasks and improve productivity. If you spend too much time on mundane tasks that don’t require your creative abilities, it’s time to delegate and automate. Here are seven AI tools that can save you invaluable time each week, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

In this blog post, I have talked about 7 such best tools to automate your day-to-day mundane tasks. These tools can be used by every professional, business owner, etc.

To add more value and as a USP of my blog, at the end of this blog post, I have designed and attached a cheat sheet of the tools discussed here for you to download and share. Also, I’ll share this month’s bonus tip or best productivity tool that is cheap, effective, and a game changer, which I personally use and prefer. So do check them out and use them. Keep learning and growing.

Here is the Bonus tip for you all:


Bonus Tip 1: One great AI Productivity Writing tool I recently started using for day-to-day writing and tasks such as plagiarism checker, grammar checker, Quillbot-Flow , paraphraser, summariser, and translator is QuillBot .

I wanted to try something similar and cheaper than Grammarly.

I took up its yearly premium for around $4/month(58 % off). The price is literally dirt cheap compared to Grammarly(12$ per month) and other writing and productivity AI tools I have used in the past.

Personally, it’s UI and UX is very simple and easy to use. So I just wanted to share this awesome, productive tool with you all. Do check it out and use it in your day-to-day writing tasks.

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