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Hi there,

I am creating the next round of AI content and would like to focus on the areas you are most interested in.

Right now I am focusing on 5 primary AI Topics.

  1. Insight Article
  • Future & AI & LLMs: Where we are and where we are going within AI
  • Big Picture Perspective: Impact on Media, Internet, Culture, Businesses, Ethics, AI governance, privacy, security, etc…

2. Tutorials & Deep Dives

  • Deep Dives: What things are and how they work (eg: Training Models, Knowledge Bases, RAG, CUX, Flows/NLU, Challenges: Bias, Hallucinations, etc)
  • Tutorials: How to work with them (eg: Building a Bot; Content Writing for LLMs)

3. Experiments

  • AI Experiments: Building AI Agents, LLMs, RAG, Prompt Chaining, etc.
  • Business: AI to for SEO/Lead Gen/Sales/Customer Service, Productizing AI

4. Roundups:

  • Quick List: Reviews of topics, curated lists of insights or tools, and periodic statistics that offer snapshots of the AI landscape.

5. Tools & Resources

  • List of Tools, Templates, and other Resources

Please let me know which topic interest you most in the 10 sescond poll below.

Also, feel free to suggest any other topics in the comments.



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