5 AI Courses From Google to Advance Your Career
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Artificial intelligence or AI is an exciting field to dabble with—whether or not you want to make a career as an AI developer or an AI researcher. 

To help you explore, we’ve put together this list of courses and learning paths from Google. From the building blocks of AI to building and deploying AI models, these courses will help you learn it all.

So let’s go over them. Some familiarity with machine learning works will be helpful to get the most out of these courses.



The course Introduction to AI and Machine Learning on Google Cloud will help you understand how to go from data to AI solutions. So you’ll learn how to build machine learning models, design machine learning pipelines, and build a fully functional AI system while exploring Google Cloud offerings.

This course takes you through the following:

  • AI foundations 
  • AI development options 
  • AI development workflow

Link: Introduction to AI and Machine Learning on Google Cloud



The  Launching into Machine Learning course will help you build the foundations in machine learning that you’ll need going forward.

The course starts out by exploring fundamentals such as exploratory data analysis and using it effectively to improve data quality. It then covers building and deploying applications using Vertex AI AutoML. Further, you’ll also learn how to use BigQuery ML.

This course has the following modules:

  • Get to Know Your Data: Improve Data through Exploratory Data Analysis 
  • Machine Learning in Practice 
  • Train AutoML Models Using Vertex AI 
  • BigQuery Machine Learning: Develop ML Models for Your Data Lives 
  • Optimization 
  • Generalization and Sampling

Link: Launching into Machine Learning



TensorFlow is one of the most popular development frameworks for developing deep learning and AI applications. The course TensorFlow on Google Cloud dives deep into building applications with TensorFlow. 

From building input data processing pipelines to training neural networks at scale, this course teaches you all about using TensorFlow. The following are the modules in this course:

  • Introduction to the TensorFlow Ecosystem 
  • Design and Build an Input Data Pipeline 
  • Building Neural Networks with TensorFlow and the Keras API 
  • Training at Scale with Vertex AI

Link: TensorFlow on Google Cloud



Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud is a learning path to learn how to perform the different tasks in a typical machine learning project.

Meaning you’ll get to experiment with data preparation and data processing tasks. In addition, you’ll learn to work with speech-to-text and video intelligence API to build powerful applications.

Link: Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud



Generative AI has become super popular recently and thanks to continued advances, it’s still the talk of the town. We see novel generative AI applications making it to the market.

So whether you want to use generative AI models effectively or want to dive into how they work, the Generative AI Learning Path has got you covered. This learning path has following courses: 

  • Introduction to Generative AI 
  • Introduction to Large Language Models
  • Introduction to Responsible AI
  • Generative AI Fundamentals
  • Responsible AI: Applying AI Principles with Google Cloud

Link: Introduction to Generative AI Learning Path

If you’re ready to explore further, you can as well go through the Generative AI for Developers Learning Path.



I hope you found this compilation of courses helpful. These courses should help you become proficient with the TensorFlow framework as well as build scalable AI solutions with Vertex AI.

Further, these courses are great in that you get to practice and apply what you have learned as you progress through the course. So happy learning and building!

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