6 YouTube Channels to Learn about AI
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Wanting to learn a new skill or sector can be daunting, especially when paying a hefty cost. This is why KDnuggets are here to help you. Rather than going down the constant rabbit hole of trying to find the right course for you to learn about AI, we have compiled a list of YouTube channels that can kickstart your learning, without any cost. 

Want it to be fun and interactive – we have YouTube channels for that. Want it to be highly educational and offer courses, we have that too. Want to turn into an AI expert for free? 

Check out these YouTube channels:



Link: Matt Wolfe YouTube Channel

With currently 214 videos, Matt Wolfe is a tech fanatic, and all he does is talk about tech. If you want to learn about AI, what’s happening in the sector, what to look out for and the future of AI – check out Matt Wolfe’s YouTube channel. His videos will discuss news in the AI sector, whilst also reviewing tools and products – saving you a lot of the hard work. Learn about ChatGPT, AI Music, Generative Art and more tutorials with a no-code and futurism concept. 



Link: AI Explained YouTube Channel

Another YouTube channel that goes into simplifying complex AI processes, products, and mechanisms for the everyday person. You can be a beginner in the AI world or a completely experienced tech enthusiast – this channel caters to all. You will get to sit back and watch ultimate reviews on new AI products, as well as what these new products and services mean for the future. 



Link: Two Minute Papers YouTube Channel

Are you trying to learn about AI but are unfortunately too busy to find the time? Have a look at the Two Minute Papers YouTube channel which goes into the latest AI and machine learning research projects based on papers – and explained in 2 minutes. With over 1.5 million subscribers, with Two Minute Papers, you will learn about AI research papers in a fun and interactive way. 



Link: DeepLearning.AI YouTube Channel

Founded in 2017 by Andrew Ng, the DeepLearning.AI platform has become one of the most fast-growing and popular learning platforms for AI. The platform aims to fill the need for world-class AI education by creating high-quality AI programs and fostering a tight-knit community.



Link: The AI Advantage YouTube Channel

Ever looked at AI tools and services and thought how could I implement this into my day-to-day life or make use of it? You can learn now with the AI Advantage YouTube channel which goes into how you can leverage AI to have a competitive advantage in the business landscape as well as how you can make your tasks more productive for you.



Link: MattVidPro AI YouTube Channel

If you want to learn about AI so that you can keep up with the times and not fall behind, I would highly recommend the MattVidPro AI YouTube channel. This channel will provide you with an in-depth coverage of all AI technologies, especially the newest ones and their capabilities. He also goes into practical guides on how you can make use of these AI tools – so you don’t have to figure it out for yourself. 



Link: Siraj Raval YouTube Channel

Maybe you want to see the fun side of these AI tools. Well, now you can with Siraj Raval’s YouTube channel which blends the educational side of AI with entertainment. He makes learning about AI and its concepts fun and interactive. Find out the fun and engaging things you can create with AI tools such as ChatGPT. 



Learning does not have to be highly technical and always through processes. Learning through interactive videos, opinionated pieces and tutorials are also a good way to gauge the sector you’re interested in, as well as keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world of AI.

If you know of any other great YouTube channels that our readers can benefit from, drop them in the comments!

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