NetSuite, one of the premier cloud-based ERPs on the market today, has a long list of integrations and applications that can be used in congruence with the platform itself, making its business impact even more profound. If you want more functionality than what is provided by out-of-the-box features, the wide variety of available NetSuite integrations and applications can be found on the NetSuite marketplace called SuiteApp.

Top 15 Apps & Integrations on NetSuite

Finance and Accounts


  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk


  • Adobe Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Amazon


  • Stripe
  • NetScore
  • Lightspeed


There are a few different ways to bring a NetSuite ERP integration to life: connectors, NetSuite Apps, and custom integrations.

  • Connectors: Formerly FarApp, the NetSuite Connector provides pre-built integrations that are easy to use, optimized to work with NetSuite, and applicable from function to function. Connectors can be found for eCommerce applications, logistics applications, and everything in between.  
  • SuiteApps: Created to improve the functionality NetSuite offers your organization, SuiteApps are custom-built applications that are made to work flawlessly with NetSuite. If you want to get creative, you can even create your own SuiteApp using the SuiteScript programming language.
  • Custom Integrations: If you have the technical skillset of a developer on your side, creating a custom integration using the NetSuite API is possible too, but it’ll take a lot more time and money than the other two options.

There’s a reason NetSuite has the reputation it does, but with the help of key NetSuite integration partners, the SaaS platform can take your business operations to the next level. Whether you’re looking for tools to streamline your accounts payable process or make procurement management a breeze, NetSuite integrations can light the way. 

Top Apps & Integrations in NetSuite App Store Marketplace

 Netsuite’s marketplace, SuiteApp, has hundreds of integrations to choose from, but we’ve created a list of integrations that won’t lead you astray – take a look:

Finance and Accounting

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AP Automation Unlocked

Have you ever wanted to operate your business in a world where payment approvals are automatic, key metrics like Days Payable Outstanding are tracked automatically, and AP reporting is done in real time without you lifting a finger? With the NetSuite API integration with Nanonets, now you can. Primed for next-generation AP automation while also filling some of the gaps in your AP processes today, this integration is a must-have.

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Document Management and Data Capture

With BILL’s data capturing features, getting a snapshot of incoming invoices uploaded into NetSuite takes seconds. Then, once it’s captured, BILL stores and organizes key documents so that you’ll always be able to find them if you need them. Finally, BILL AR pairs your payments with the associated invoices, streamlining the account reconciliation process, too. 

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Effective Expense Management

The NetSuite ERP integration with PayEm revolutionizes payroll and expense management by seamlessly syncing employee data, expense reports, and payment transactions between the two platforms. This integration automates the entire payroll process, from time tracking and expense submission to approval and reimbursement, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accuracy. 


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Customer Relationships Made Easy

Customer relationship management is one of the most complex tasks in any business, but with this integration, it gets a whole lot easier. The two-way integration between HubSpot and NetSuite means that data flows freely between the two systems. For instance, when a sale is made, NetSuite can send revenue data directly to HubSpot, informing campaign effectiveness analytics and more. 

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The “Force” Behind Good Business Practices 

Using the data within NetSuite, the Salesforce integration can automate customer contact attempts and beef up sales analytics for your leadership team. The best decision-making starts with reliable data, and with this NetSuite API integration, that’s just what you’ll get. 

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One-Stop Shop for Service 

Depending on your industry, a customer could call needing a replacement part, wanting to make a return, or with a complaint at the ready. No matter why they’re reaching out, Zendesk looks at the data in NetSuite to get an accurate snapshot of the customer’s experience, highlight prior issues, and grab key customer data, making it easy for your service team to keep your customers happy.


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Adobe Commerce
Shopper-Centric Experience

What used to be known as Magento, Adobe Commerce is a great addition to the application ecosystem for eCommerce businesses. With the ability to synchronize product catalogs, inventory levels, and customer data between the two platforms, order processing and fulfillment is simple. Improved inventory management, reduced fulfillment times, and happier customers – everyone wins!

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A Window into Sales Performance 

By automating the flow of data between Shopify’s eCommerce platform and NetSuite’s comprehensive ERP system, companies can streamline inventory management, order fulfillment, and financial reconciliation processes. Leveraging this integration empowers businesses to scale their operations, improve inventory accuracy, and deliver a consistent shopping experience across all channels.

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Clean Product Management

If your business relies on an Amazon seller account, this NetSuite connector is calling your name. Product listings, order details, and customer information can flow from your Amazon account to NetSuite and vice-versa. Not only will you benefit from centralized inventory management, but your customers will love the error-free experience from end-to-end.


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Boosting Payment Transparency for Businesses and Customers 

When businesses use Stripe and NetSuite in congruence, customer payments are recorded in both platforms, giving more transparency to the payment process and making it easier to track. Since the general ledger will update as soon as a transaction takes place, monitoring cash flow and compiling future forecasts will take a fraction of the time. 

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NetScore POS
Demystify Customer Returns

The flexible deployment options of NetScore POS – in-store terminals, mobile devices, and handheld devices – are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to streamlining retail business processes. When integrated with NetSuite, NetScore can track returns from all business channels and update inventory data and sales funnel data in the ERP automatically. No matter how on-the-go your customers are, you’ll be able to keep up with their needs.

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Manage Multiple Revenue Channels 

For businesses that have different product lines and revenue streams, Lightspeed works with NetSuite to make mapping configurations simple. Bi-directional syncing means that products, orders, inventory, and customer history can be found in both platforms – and don’t worry, the two systems will always tie out to one another. 


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Real-Time Shipping Rates 

Shipping products to customers can be one of the most complex aspects of running a business. With variable shipping rates and a variety of customer locations, it can be hard for businesses to anticipate logistics-related costs, but with the FedEx/NetSuite Integration, customers can see real-time shipping rates based on their location, taking most of the legwork off of your team. 

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Automated Shipping Labels Anyone? 

This NetSuite integration is great for businesses that conduct a lot of international business. Supporting shipping and logistics for more than 220 countries, DHL is a key business asset. When paired with NetSuite, the applications are able to automatically generate shipping labels, calculate costs, and update shipment statuses in NetSuite’s ERP system, providing real-time visibility into the shipping process.

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Manage Shipping within NetSuite

The NetSuite API integration with United Parcel Services (UPS) supports quote processing, package tracking, and inventory management. When items have been shipped through UPS, inventory and warehouse information in NetSuite is updated in real time, taking inventory management to the next level.  

How to Choose the Right App

As you can see, there’s a NetSuite integration to support your most pressing business needs. If it’s inventory that you’re having trouble with, there’s a NetSuite connector for that; if you want to get better visibility into FP&A and accounting data, peruse the SuiteApp Marketplace to find the right solution.

Understandably, the reality of “having your pick” can be very overwhelming at times. If you’re looking to enhance what NetSuite can do for you but don’t know how to make the right choice, use this checklist to help: 

  1. Figure out what you need.  If your business has been struggling to manage expenses, go that route. If you need logistics support, start there. These integrations are meant to solve your business needs, but first, you have to clearly identify those needs.
  2. Investigate the details of each platform. Is it compatible with your other business systems? Will it support your business as it grows? Have other customers said good things about the integration you’re considering? All of these are important questions – get them answered!
  3. Consider your budget. Some third-party platforms and NetSuite integrations will come with a higher price tag than others. Since expense management is a key business function, be sure you feel comfortable with the price you’re agreeing to.
  4. Seek recommendations. Research integration solutions by reading customer reviews, consulting industry forums, and seeking recommendations from trusted peers or consultants who have experience with NetSuite integrations.

There’s a reason NetSuite has been around so long – it’s a fantastic and versatile business tool, but it doesn’t address every business need. The great thing is that with NetSuite integrations, it doesn’t have to. By building a tailored ecosystem of SaaS platforms and other tools that work cohesively, you’ll set your business up for whatever the future brings.

Once you’ve decided which NetSuite integrations you want to pursue, go for it! You’ll love the time savings and productivity wins that roll in with the Nanonets automated invoicing process or the FedEx real-time shipping rates features. Business owners have never had more power to shape the future than they do now, and it all starts with the right tool suite.

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